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Choosing and installing the espresso machine
What should we consider when buying an espresso machine?

The choice:
The following points should be considered when choosing a machine:

  • Reliability of the brand.
  • Assistance: carefully evaluate the assistance in your local area: how quickly and at what technical level is it available?
  • Potential: the first aspect to consider is the number of espressos you need to produce at peak times. Also, keep in mind that the machine will have other uses, such as producing steam for cappuccinos and hot water for tea/ infusions.
  • Dimensions and position in the bar: what space is available?
  • Preferences of type (lever, automatic, super automatic).
  • Accessories.
  • Aesthetic appearance.

    Installing the machine:
    To set a new machine there are certain steps which are the responsibility of the technician while others are daily routine. The procedure is almost the same for all machines, although each brand has its own peculiarities:
  • Make sure that the water supply tap is open:
  • Move the on-off switch into position 1 and make sure the level in the boiler is correct:
  • Connect the filter holder (without coffee) to the group:
  • Move the on-off switch into position 2 and wait for heating to be completed (pressure gauge in the boiler). The time required depends on the type of machine.
  • When heating is complete, allow distribution through the coffee units, the water supply and the vapor supplies for about 1 minute.
  • Then wait for the boiler pressure to readjust.
  • Make several espressos and check for taste, before serving customers.

The same steps are necessary in preparing the machine at the beginning of the day.

Energy consumption of the machine when not in use:
Energy consumption of the machine when not in use depends largely on the type of the machine, but usually varies from 0.2 to 0.8 KWh.

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